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merlin fanfiction merlin jumps in front of arthur

They're both here to do whatever mindless shit the researchers are too highly paid to bother with. This is Broken Crown - a Merlin fan-fiction. Rating may change to M in future chapters. Chapter 9: Hopeless. ", "Now, you don't live alone, do you? "No," Merlin tells him sweetly, just so he can hear him scream and cover his eyes ten minutes later. "Couldn't afford it," Merlin says and smiles back at him. The future, that future, was waiting for him and Merlin couldnt help but run towards it with open arms. "Got some right funny looks on the way through Milton Keynes," Merlin tries, as nonchalantly as he can, and she laughs and digs out her phone. In the chaos that follows, Merlin ends up in the land of Hibernia with only Leon as company. Written for this prompt at kinkme_merlin, which asked for diabetic!Merlin stuck in a lift with Arthur. Featuring Merlin/Leon bromance, a Gwaine with a past, a family for Merlin, an Arthur who isnt an Arthur, ghosts, battles, castles and maybe a kiss or two. What will happen when Merlin builds up the courage to tell Arthur his secret? The hit never lands, however. What will happen between the man who has sworn to hate magic and the man Quando cala la notte e la magia divampa || Merthur, The Boy and the Beast: A Merthur Beauty and the Beast AU, Merlin: una guida nel mondo moderno || Merthur. bonus point if it is in frond of arthur/merlin ;) canon-era please. There's low grinding noise and the lift suddenly shudders and stops, lights blinking out. Then, to Merlin's inexpressible indignation, the git gets his phone out. What if it was Merlin's, not Gwen's, kiss that broke the enchantment? You're " The adrenalin still flowing fast and furious through his veins makes him throw his usual caution to the wind. Lets go now. "Are you high? Work Search: . A couple of girls suddenly cross over the road to avoid him, but he doesn't care. He sprinted towards Arthur, then leapt in front of him as the jet of light was propelled towards him. Kelan bows with a fist on his chest. He can't feel his toes and he thinks it's probably because they've been eaten. "He's grumpy," Merlin complains. Thanks to gwyntastic and uduniewho provided some they love. He'll buy his own drink and then he's going to tell Arthur to fuck off for good. "I'll have you thrown in . He's looking far less stiff and prim than usual, his face strained and his tie pulled loose. "I'm watching Torchwood". He took a deep breath and went to find someone to tell Gaius that his visitors were in his chambers and another servant to grab Arthur while he set off to ready the horses. "Is that why the snivelling dude won't shut up?" But she's stopped, her hands clasped in front of her heart and her eyes wide. . ", He liked her too, from what he's pieced together about yesterday, so he steps away from the door. He does object when Arthur pretty much picks him up and manhandles him into the ambulance (okay, that's an exaggeration, but it's not as if he has the strength to resist a gentle push at the moment, let alone a pointed shove). At that moment, Arthur appears, pushes him down into the seat again and demands, "Is he better yet? Arthur heard every pause and stutter where Merlin made a split-second decision to leave something out, but he let it go. Gwen and Morgana are both in the kitchen, their voices murmuring softly as they clear up and make coffee. He emails Arthur the result (6.2 and close to perfect) together with a really obnoxious smiley. He doesn't think it's fair. sakiishii, lightasthesun, Ishflower, Fan288884, beautiful_corpse, Trakn, Sexybeast3000, gryffindor_nerd, earie, ChiChiCoCo, EmuAralCygnus, Im_in_danger, Midilia, Zuko_the_jerkbender, SunshineLillyMoon, By_Redd_Luck, rainbow_depression, minamarie, watergerl01, Mangy_mangled_mutt, InkThroughHerVeins, Rockroses, hermyohknee, lanaloveshannibal, Jessicainnit_69, TrashGremlin05, SigmaBeggers, purpleavocado, Toukagen, Zo_els28, 2003, Daria_Griellas, anakyalosM, BlastyQueen, Vventiicetea, Wolfangel25, MediocreSavant, Air_ace, wintershope, MomoSpace, AroAce_Arson, dead_winglesstiger, Jaybird27, Ishouldgotosleeprn, martasonsy, GingerChili, Just_A_Fan21, Omy, Abby2701, CitysEcho, and 175 more users Then after a second of sheer darkness, when Merlin feels as if he's spinning off his feet and up the walls, a dim orange light comes on over the doors. "And I could have done that quite well on my own, thank you.". Arthur sighs and leans his forehead against Merlin's, his eyes shut tightly. "Now why are you hanging around here? What will happen? Its All Just Cafe Talk Anyway by thecheekydragon, Merlin- He begins warningly, -I swear I wont come to bed for a month., You cant even last a week without pinning me to the-, The Prince smiled fondly, and said, You look adorable when you blush.. Their bodies ended up wrapped together, lying on the floor in front of the dancing fire. "I just want you-" Arthur begins to say but Merlin cuts him off. It wasn't like he could fall down them. Please consider turning it on! "Obviously," Arthur says, sneering a little, "you cannot." Merlin saved Arthur's life in the Battle for Camelot, due to a twist of fate, where Mordred attacked Arthur with his sword, rather than Excalibur. After the pair met in "The Dragon's Call," Gaius first saw Merlin use his magic when he saved him from a dangerous and possible fatal fall. Well go to the airport and catch a plane and hell never find us. Arthur tries to impress upon Merlin that hes absolutely serious, so he strides further into the room. t-shirts she'd had printed, it had been Will's job to carry the spare glucose tablets and remind Merlin to do his blood tests. Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 25,326 - Favs: 1 - Published: 4h - [Merlin, Arthur . He was the light that confidently guided Arthur. "And then they need to be sorted by language, exam board and year," Linda explains, and adds, rolling her eyes towards Arthur. Just another fem!Merlin fic where everybody lives! He will kill me, Arthur, and he wont even care.. "He doesn't like small spaces. I do not own BBC Merlin! Una storia che far capire al nostro re il suo amore per il bel moro. Will asks and plonks himself down beside Merlin, clutching his tea in one hand and six digestives in the other. They both held their breath and looked at the flames, watching the dance of the different colours. Kelan's eyes go wide and Arthur gives an almost imperceptible nod to Merlin. "Are you stupid or just thick?" "Am not," Merlin says and grins at him. "Merlin! ", "Stay if you want," Merlin says quickly. (It's my own, so I don't have to credit, lmao). he kept because his mother had wanted him to live happily. ", "Yeah, you did," Merlin says. Gwen asks. "You're not supposed to drink alcohol," Arthur says reasonably and takes a satisfied swig of his own pint. Merlin's fingers are already starting to curl up when he leaves his desk, and it seems like common sense to get in the lift rather than try to negotiate five floors worth of concrete stairs, especially since the light is out over the gigantic orange number three some way below his feet, and really what kind of company colour-codes its floors, and why can't they use nice, non-eye-searing colours like blue and yellow rather than shocking pink and lime green and other hues never found in nature? "I'm Gwen. The knight in question just puts his arms up and leans back in his chair like he was before, a small smile on his face as he seems content to just watch now. ~Maybe he doesn't want to be alone now. That's no excuse.". "Such a lightweight," Arthur says softly, leaning down to prop him up. For that, Arthur makes him sharpen pencils all morning. Ending to BBC series Merlin alteration. Merlin e Arthur. This is a BBC Merlin AU where Arthur lives at the end of season 5 and decides to repay Merlin for everything that he's ever done for **AVVERTENZA: QUESTA FAN FICTION MOLTO GAY** tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Sir Kelan could have sworn that King Arthur Pendragon and Court Sorcerer Merlin hated each other. "Not even a bruise.". Arthur asks, mouth curving into a surprisingly soft smile. ", Merlin shakes his head. ", "And he has no idea what either of you are talking about," Arthur interrupts. The Warlock suddenly drops to one knee, hand pressed to the ground. ", "She's beautiful," Gwen says, reaching out tentatively towards Mabel's eyestalk. Angst it rare. ~~~~ Thanks. ", "Okay, but that was because I needed it. Hes pompous and arrogant, and everything that Merlin hates about the upper world. "This story is perhaps the best Merlin-fanfic I've ever read." Merlin glares at him and pushes past him to pull his drawer open. I promise. Should I call the police?". Merlin vowed to always find and love Arthur in each lifetime. Every one knows he's going to choose Gwen, Or so they thought. I normally don't read outside POV stories, but I always seem to write stories I don't usually like reading soAnyways, I hope you enjoy and if you wanna chat fics or fandom with me, come join me on my Tumblr. Sir Leon, decisamente stufo di veder gente scappare dal palazzo, decide di stilare una serie di regole da seguire, principalmente per i cavalieri, m una piccola one-short sulla merthur un piccolo primo bacio sulla strada per il ritorno "How do you plan to do that, Merlin? Arthur grinned to himself as he heard Merlin hiss prat under his breath before storming out. "Merlin," he says, around the git's fingers. Not for getting ill.", She looks at him for a second, eyebrows arching. she does as much as she can herself or at least with the aid of a servant, but does her best not to put too much on them. "Really, Merlin, how did you ever survive without me? Please consider turning it on! A Prince who lost everything when he was just a boy. This is based on a tumblr post. To no one's surprise, something is bound to go wrong. After the second piece, the world suddenly makes a little more sense. After that, he gets worse. Gwen protests over the phone. As he awaits his freedom, he slowly gets to know the prisoner being held in the cell beside him, a young man named Merlin. Merlin asks the King as he leans over the table, looking down at his husband. This work could have adult content. Were you hit?" He really hadn't expected Arthur to accept the invitation. Merlin groaned. It's a very strange dream, he thinks, looking around for the cake-monsters in worry. Not all of them. ", "Quite well, actually," Merlin says, trying to snatch his precious morning caffeine hit back. What would happen? ", Merlin nods, his smirk widening and he says, "I wouldn't have it any other way, Jenifael34, Lyds29, TheNapkinsAtStarbucks, ehstraus, tv6re, CallMeCleo, kath_lyn4060, resverie, AriadneEcho, RoseWinchesterIsStayingAlive, PuggieParker, Bark1Bark, terinet, hermigg, Hoodiedork, unwantedesires, flohamvi, 00Ginger, thatbisexualkid_02, authoric_demon, Midilia, asterra, mld419, KamiFicL0ver, bo_b, breevee, WouldItWere, Zayebali, midnightslavenderhaze, SpaceTurtle12, lil_macaroon, Sho223, Bandnerd2001, Sishopper, Minipini, 07876, mygutsucks04, the_dreary_fandom_whore, AIC05, ferociousapplesauce, troylerina, SJ3, mamagma4, Magpie_Pen, I_like_bread27, Sauerteig, isniev, Keefe_a_keefe, ChildeOfSleep, aquastar, and 3401 more users "You had a hypo and didn't tell me? Summary:On the TV show The Apprentice Merlin is a candidate and Arthur is a boardroom adviser. Fine," he says and a smirk spreads on Merlin's lips, his mouth opening to say something but Arthur cuts him off, "But! Arthur is impatient and rides out to look for his servant, despite what dangers await him. He was the only one on his back and the only one not protected by armor. by Caledonia. I. Dont. Merlin returned to his scribbling. They'd been bonding, he was sure. What will happen when Merlin quits his job as servant to the king due to feelings getting in the way? No matter how hard you try and protect your people, there will always be men like him who crawl out from the woodwork and show only contempt for those beneath them in station. See?" Get this thing moving!". Arthur rushes forward, panic etched onto his features, reaching out for Merlin, while Kelan sprints as fast as he can, rushing to protect his kings. Merlin babbles away in self-defence, and gets nothing but disapproving stares. Well, not exactly a friend - it's his sister that I'm-", "Dunno," Merlin says and accepts another bit of chocolate. "I believe in the children of the future," Merlin tells him, as wide-eyed as he can manage and gets great joy out of watching Arthur snort tea out of his nose. "Mate, I want to work at your place. Kelan knew the two were married, everyone in the realm knew that. They are met with an ambush Drecrft is a kingdom of magic, or at least it used to be. Quella che la maga non sapeva e Avete presente quando re Alined vuole la guerra e cerca di far innamorare Art di Lady Vivian? The cake monsters seem to have got as far as his libido, he realises, because normally he'd enjoy a dream where he was being hand-fed chocolate by a handsome man, even if it was the git. Warnings the first one shots aren't as well written as the latest ones! Arthur takes a slow, contemplative sip of tea and says, "If you stayed on here, properly I mean, there's some funding available for further study. "You know I've been managing this myself since I was six?". "But I'd be happier if we could keep him in for observation for a few hours. Broken Down Valiant was not someone who lived up to his name, and Merlin wished hed known this before he had fallen in love with him and moved into a one bedroom luxurious flat with him. But when the Pendragon family becomes the hired help, Merlin begins to notice things change, for better and for worse, and when Merlin and Arthur finally bond, Merlin is mugged and wounded. "They can use their teleporter. "Eat that before it gets cold. 20 Can Merlin protect his destiny, or is fate against him this time? Kelan coughs to hide a laugh that threatens to escape. "Huh. The story seems to have gone right around the office, and the first job he gets offered that morning involves digging around the basement to find a load of old exam syllabuses for the woman who sits behind him. As it's usually just Merlin, Freya, the temps from downstairs, and any of the younger researchers they think they can scam drinks off, this starts off awkwardly, especially when Freya says in too loud a whisper, "He's actually stalking you, isn't he? You have to stay next to me I do not make any profit from this story and the plot is purely fiction. How would Gwen react? "Really, Merlin, how did you ever survive without me?" "Quite well, actually," Merlin says, trying to snatch his precious morning caffeine hit back. Kelan knew the two were married, everyone in the realm knew that. ", "I'm good with people," Arthur says, gesturing with a forkful of mushy peas. "Merlin, wake up!" The man groaned in response and turned on his side to avoid this conversation, only to inhale a fresh wave of water. It's not as if his job is ever interesting - he and Freya have the same vague lack of a job description. He stays angry all weekend, turning his music up loud and muttering at Mabel, who has almost vanished underneath everyone's piled up winter coats. Youre The adrenalin still flowing fast and furious through his veins makes him throw his usual caution to the wind. It's not until he's sprawled grumpily on the back seat of the bus that he realises that he never asked her name. "French and German, actually. Arthur gets to Merlin first, grabbing him by the shoulders before wrapping his arms around Merlin's waist, and spinning him around, leaning over him so if the hit does land, it will hit Arthur instead. "If they don't kick me out earlier, of course. He must pass out from fear, because he dreams that he's stuck in a lift with the git, who is shaking his shoulder so hard it makes Merlin rock and lose his balance. The slightest hint of magic is snuffed out like a weed in the spring bloom. When the time to fight back comes Merlin will do what ever it takes to win his people their freedom back. Apparently the Warlock did not hold such reservations for his mother and thus the King Regnant and King Consort crowned the Queen Reagent, and moved her into the castle. "Sir!" Kelan shouts as Arthur screams, "Merlin!" A knight has escaped his leafy shackles, and is barreling right towards Merlin's back. He's also pretty certain that he'd marry Gwen right here and now if they weren't both gay (maybe despite that, if he wasn't already terrified of her girlfriend). Leggete per scoprirlo! It's long overdue. The blade catches slightly on the tough skin and thick esophagus, but Kelan powers through it, even as a large spray of pressurized blood coats him. Freya keeps shooting him reproachful looks over the partition between their desks. Hiding his own magic is hard. Merlin calls out, a large grin on his face. "I may have been a little overbearing.". Merlin hands them back to him, point first, just before lunch, along with an unflattering portrait of Arthur as a rooster, strutting around and crowing about how wonderful he is. ", "Hi, Merlin," she says back. For the thousandth time, Arthur! Merlin was never about Arthur and Gwen, or Morgana, or the knights. Except his phone is also in his desk drawer. Yes Arthur. Idk, I'd just really like some dying Merlin and regretful, depressed Arthur. in the back? "What for?" Arthur growls. When Merlin ventured back to Ealdor to help fight off Kanen, he returned to Camelot with someone else, his little sister, Miriam. Elyan's already saying, "Cheers, mate," though, and the matter seems to be settled. He staggers back, dazed, and Kelan spins around, using the momentum of his entire body to slash across the neck of the unnamed knight. May I? Arthur asks, ever the gentleman. "Isn't there one of those doors in the roof? You're the court physician. The basement is huge and complex, with rooms within rooms and occasional strange corners where entire empty offices have been set up behind screens, dark computers and dusty desks and chairs that roll uneasily across the bare concrete when Merlin spins on them. Merlin jumps, spills hot tea all down his front and yelps, "No!" Arthur takes the cup out of his hand with a tutting noise. He hates it when he's self-deprecating. God, he really needs that chocolate cake. There was also this story posted recently: Ill hold my breathMerlin dies trying to protect Arthur from another sorcerer. So why the hell is he sitting on the Druid throne. One day on a hunting trip a sorcerer is about to blast Arthur intil Merlin jumps in front of him and gets blasted instead. He likes to glare at people for laughing and breaking the hallowedish silence of the research division. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). Only as each life came and went, he continued to be hurt by that love. ", "I didn't phone my mum and cry either," Merlin says as Freya presses herself into the corner and glares at them both. She's impossibly gorgeous and looks at him as if he's less than the carpet beneath the soles of her undoubtedly expensive and very pointy-heeled shoes. Oh and I post often. "God, are you even going to be able to do your insulin?" "Find Merlin" Well, fuck. Please consider turning it on! hello, do you know(merthur) fics where arthur/merlin is tortured! merlin fanfiction merlin jumps in front of arthur. Kelan really likes Queen Hunith. What if she falls in love with the one, and only Prince Art Merlin embarrass a royal guest and Arthur has to "punish" him, but it doesn't go as Arthur planed. The Lost In the blink of an eye, Merlin goes from laughing in the halls of Camelot to lying on the ground, hurt and alone, in an unfamiliar, ruined castle. sire Im telling you, Arthur, he will find me., When Will These Scars Begin to Fade? But when the grief-stricken prince, along with Morgana and Gwen, journeys to Ealdor to return Merlins ashes, a series of strange events leads them to believe the warlock may not be as dead as they thought. "You planning to stay here?" "You're not?" "We only got here five minutes ago and Morgause is still stuck in traffic somewhere.". "Or we could blow it up," Merlin suggests to Gwen, and Arthur makes a little sound of horror. ), but just a few days ago there was a question on dying!Merlin and a few suggestions were posted here. , Elyan," Merlin breathes out, actually tearing his eyes away from Arthur to thank him. "You can't have cake," he tells Merlin. "Non-magical defense is not my thing. Or at least, he appears dead enough. Follows suit and Kelan almost looks away from this obviously intimate moment, but to be honest he's quite stunned. ", "You're supposed to eat at the same time every day.". "I'm Gwen. This if is NOT for the feint of heart, you have been warned. Merlin slowly falls in love with Arthur, and can't take the constant pain of seeing him with Gwen every day. "Thought you might show up tonight," he murmured. I'm never speaking to him again.". But also Im justIm sorry Ive been taking it out on you and notand not showing you how much you mean to me. "I don't need-" Merlin protests automatically. *contains ending spoilers* What would happen to Arthur and Merlin if Arthur didn't die that day? A lot of them bring chocolate biscuits, which they don't seem to realise he cannot eat unless it's an emergency. Merlin. Merlin slumps down against the back of the door and stares up at Mabel's plunger in despair, because Arthur Pendragon's beautiful and now he's so, so fucked. "I agree with Merlin," Elyan says and the Warlock in question puts his arm out towards the young knight and raises his eyebrows as if to say, ' Merlin smiles as he looks up at Arthur, his eyes incredibly sad. For the WearyWhen Arthur becomes King, Merlin overworks himself. "My lord," he responds. It grew from there. Merlin does a blood test, though. Don't be surprised if there's some Merthur. Cables creep up the walls and hang from the ceiling in multi-coloured bundles and it's half an hour before he even starts looking for Linda's boxes. Merlin has been coping okay because he has loved Arthur since they were teenagers and as long as he lives he prefers 10 times a damaged!Arthur that no Arthur at all, and the blond is just unbelievable lucky that Merlin loves him that much to stick with him through all this. Merlin can see Morgana's mood get steadily stormier and decides to ignore Arthur's attempts to goad him in favour of distracting Lancelot. Etc .And Merlin? Work Search: left kudos on this work! Warnings: An odd bit of swearing. This is a Merlin x Arthur fan fiction. "He's still with the Princess, but I think Her Highness is just about to leave." Merlin nodded and stepped inside. What if she had an even greater destiny and powers than him? : incomplete. As he still can't uncurl his fingers, he fails, but Arthur comes and moves him back to the other side of the lift, his hands hasty but gentle. "Are there any blokes kissing in this one?". ", "Oh, it's only because we have to live with Arthur," Gwen says. Arthur was the intensive red colour, a colour of passion and drama, but also representing strong emotions such as love, anger, courage and strength. Gwaine leans forward, elbows in the table and pipes up, "Merlin I think Arthur-". But what if he had a sister? Arthur's hand closes around his wrist. ", "I don't want his help. Fluff and smut is not. Merlin, the servant for the clotpole Prince Arthur and Rosaleigh . Arthur asks with what sounds like genuine curiosity. With a fiery personality and a heart t. Hunith never meant to favor her son over her daughter, and her daughter knew this, she understood sometimes she wished she had never been born. I'm pretty good in some of the medieval dialects - probably better than anyone else in the office. "Merlin wants to roll his eyes at that, but instead focusses all his will on making himself lift his wrist. He's hoping the blood currently drying on his skin is enough to hide his guilt. "I think. Ma per Merlino, il momento di compiere un'altra missione: far abituare Art al mondo moderno, cosa non facile, poich Art Pendrago Morgause e Morgana dopo l'ennisimo fallimento di far cadere Camelot nelle loro mani, escogitano un piano alternativo.. un piano contro il principe Art. "Good God, what is that thing around your neck? Non aveva parole per descrivere ci che stava vedendo il corvinouna parte di lui cadde in pezzi but there is also deeper stuff (for ex. If I was some other author, I might imply that this was sweet enough to cause a chronic metabolic disease. The git mustn't attract attention. "Must be nice to be able to afford postgrad," Merlin says and doesn't bother disguising his bitterness in the way he would for someone who was less of an arse. ", "Oh, I'm leaving at the end of August," Merlin tells him. "Right," Arthur says. Don't be slow. Three hours before Uther was due to arrive and while Gwen was showering and getting ready to go out with Lancelot, they boys were desperately trying to get Merlin downstairs. "Are you stupid or just thick?" It is just the way things are., Arthur frowns at Merlins words. Then he digs out of his grave and goes back to Arthur. He shuffles up the stairs, keeping his head down, and tries his best to creep through the door to his desk. Arthur's a terrible person to eat lunch with. ", "Not that I know of." The git works at the other end of the office, and would be gorgeous if not for his personality. "It was a blip. left kudos on this work. ", "My housemates are students, he admits, because her glare is scary. He's never seen them show care or affection towards one another. When he wakes up, he's down in the foyer, and there's a kind stranger leaning over him, asking soft-voiced questions. "She's the only monolingual person in the building," Arthur informs Merlin over fish fingers one Friday, shaking his head sadly. Completely the opposite, actually - he's like a great big blond moronic walking symbol of not-friend! "Edward has a sorcerer on his side, and a powerful one at that, and you want to put me, "I agree with Merlin," Elyan says and the Warlock in question puts his arm out towards the young knight and raises his eyebrows as if to say, ', ' "He's our greatest weapon, it would be a daft decision to relegate him to the back lines.". Rosaleigh is the twin sister of Merlin and she shares the same power as him. Merlin is quite capable of filling his own lunch tray, thank you very much, and he does not appreciate the gruesome pictures of gangrenous feet Arthur keeps sending him under the heading This Could Happen To You! Morgana sent me to make sure you wouldn't be on your own. Apparently it was Merlin's doing. I really dont.I understand, I just Merlin shakes his head, then leans down, kissing him. He gets two steps into the room before Freya tackles him, hugging him so hard that he's afraid he's going to fall right out into the corridor again. FAMILY | Merthur FanFiction by Gero 24.4K 705 13 When a little girl runs into Merlin in order to escape Camelots guards he quickly discovers she has magic, but he can't let Arthur kill her. ", "I mean on a cable thingy," Gwen says, sounding hurt. Arthur fiddles with his cup of tea (and it's only now that Merlin realises that he's not the only one without a pudding). He hasn't done anything to get eaten by cake. seen the kings this way for each other. "You need to get out of the car, Merlin.". Anyone for the station want to jump in the back?". From the AshesWhen Merlin uses magic to save Arthurs life, he is condemned to death, and Arthur is too late to save him. as well as Tonight when you said that thing about not knowing why Im with yougod Merlin.. Merlin, are you alright? Then a threat as old as the prince himself rears its head once again and throws everything into chaos. Merlin smiles incredulously, but also fondly, and replies, "Yes. "Don't shout at him," a calm voice chides from the phone that's lying open on the floor. 2098 guests Not everyone reacts well at this point. Sometimes he's a tolerable human being at home.

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